Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Corbynistas: Racism and Karma


When Jeremy Corbyn unexpectedly won the Labour Party leadership after the huge influx of the far-left and the naive through the £3 recruitment exercise he promised a "new, kinder, gentler politics". With his somewhat false soft-spoken grandpa image many took that at face value.

At first that's how he tried to come over then his facade began to crack as he lost his cool in interviews because old Steptoe was not used to speaking to people who questioned his views or or dug deeper into what he really stood for. A huge tranche of his supporters especially on-line became abusive from the start.

Any criticism or posting of an opinion they did not agree with resulted in reams of abuse from the left who called you everything from a "red Tory" through "traitor" to Zio-fascist", the latter with unfounded accusations of racism thrown in.

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With this in mind the Tory candidate for the Mayor of London (who is black) has suddenly found himself being attacked as a "coconut" or "Uncle Tom" on social media by "Labour" supporters or Corbynistas as they have become infamously labelled.

The Evening Standard reports that Shaun Bailey:

The London Assembly member has been called a “vile disgusting Uncle Tom”, a “lying coconut” and a “token ethnic” since announcing he wanted to challenge Sadiq Khan for City Hall. Mr Bailey condemned the abuse and called for the mayoral election campaign to be a “battle of ideas” on issues affecting millions of Londoners, such as housing, transport and crime.

He told the Evening Standard: “We cannot have a contest that is plagued by racial abuse, mud-slinging and identity politics.....

The attacks include: 

A Momentum-supporting Labour member tweeting: “Shaun Bailey is the biggest Uncle Tom to walk the planet” and a “vile disgusting Uncle Tom”. It is a derogatory term for a black man considered to be “excessively obedient or servile to white people”.

Another Labour member from London messaged: “Shaun Bailey is the new token ethnic ... ”

A third Labour member claimed: “The Tories simply can’t find a candidate with any experience for London Mayor to go against @SadiqKhan @MayorofLondon so they’ve chosen an Uncle Tom @ShaunBaileyUK.”

A Labour supporter tweeted: “Shaun Bailey’s a lying coconut.” The term “coconut” is used to accuse individuals of betraying their race, or culture, by implying that they are “brown on the outside but white on the inside”.

Added to the huge on-going row over anti-Semitism in the Labour Party no one can have any illusions about "kinder politics any more.

Official portrait of Chris Williamson crop 2.jpg  Lavrentiy Beria (close-up).jpg

Meanwhile Chris Williamson the "Lavrentiy Beria" of the Corbynistas has been touring the country encouraging the deselection of recreant MP's by the newly recruited faithful. However Williamson now has a problem of his own making. The unions are unhappy with him. 

The Huffington Post reports

The Labour MP for Derby North, Chris Williamson, will “definitely” be challenged under new party rules that have made it easier to oust sitting MPs, several sources have said.

Williamson is expected to face a “trigger ballot” in his marginal Westminster constituency as local activists take advantage of changes that mean just a third of union branches are needed to force a contest.

One fellow MP said he will “get a taste of his own medicine” after spending months campaigning for some members of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) to be effectively booted out.....

The issue flared up at the party’s conference last month, with some Momentum supporters shouting “shame on the unions” after they blocked more radical attempts to open up every Parliamentary seat to automatic selection.

“He’s definitely going to be triggered,” a source at one of the big trade union told HuffPost UK. “No doubt about it.”

A key figure in another major union, who preferred not to be named, confirmed Williamson would be targeted, as members wanted an MP who was less divisive and who was fully committed to the union link.

Apparently he's not too popular amongst ordinary members back in his constituency. 

Oh dear comrade. Karma!

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