Thursday, 4 October 2018

Return of the Cold War


Watching Sky News the term "Russo-phobia" caught my attention as the Dutch expelled four Russian agents after stopping an attack on their soil. The BBC reports:

Dutch security services expelled four Russians over a cyber attack plot targeting the global chemical weapons watchdog, officials said.

The operation by Russia's GRU military intelligence allegedly targeted the Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons in The Hague in April.

The OPCW has been probing the chemical attack on a Russian ex-spy in the UK.

The allegations are part of an organised push-back against alleged Russian cyber attacks around the world.

The Netherlands has summoned the Russian ambassador for an explanation, reports said.

This comes on top of so many other actions by the Russian state. There was the chemical attack in Salisbury by two men (possibly a third involved in reconnaissance)  posing at "tourists" to see the world famous Salisbury cathedral with it's 123 meters spire. Right...

The Russians (I nearly wrote Soviets, heh) are also believed to be behind Cyber attacks both here the USA and elsewhere. Jeremy Hunt the Foreign Secretary has announced there will be "consequences" if the Russians continue to flout International Law to foster chaos in the world.

Their involvement must be exposed especially with the Russians vehemently deny their involvement through news outlets such as the TV station RT and other media organisations like Sputnik, which are official outlets for the Russian State.

Russia has become aggressive in order to reestablish it's declining influence hence their involvement in Syria to literally counterbalance the West, in particular the USA. This comes at a time when a trade war has arisen between China and the USA pushing the Chinese into an alliance of sorts against the West.

Other military responses were seen in the invasion of Crimea and the continuing war in the Ukraine. NATO members have place small forces closer to the Russians such as British troops in the Baltic states who fear a Russian invasion.

It has to be remembered that Putin is himself ex-KGB and although most of the former Soviet agencies have undergone a name change the GRU have not. They were the ones who plotted Trotsky's murder!

Flag of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NATO Flag.

The West has to remain vigilant. Many long range Russian bombers have come close to the UK in further provocative moves. The RAF continues to intercept. More British troops and other assets have been moved to Norway as part of the need to monitor Russian submarine activity.

The need for a modern Navy, Army and Air-force has never been diminished. The so-called pacifists like Corbyn and the Stop the War charlatans are a fifth column seeking to undermine both our democracy and our rights to self defence. These traitors must be opposed at every juncture.

President Kennedy showed that there is a need to stand up to the aggressor during the Cuban Missile Crisis back in the sixties.

Britain must stand firm today!

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