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Liverpool to get Momentum Taxis?

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Liverpool was the scene of one of the most disgraceful episodes in the Labour Party's history where the cuckoo's of the Militant Tendency had run the council into the grounds on the pretext of fighting Tory cuts. They ended up sacking their workforce and rubbed it in by sending out redundancy notices by taxi.

Then there was Neil Kinnock's famous speech  and the beginning of the end for the Trotskyist infiltrators of the Militant Tendency (real name Revolutionary Socialist League) who had hidden themselves inside Labour for decades, and had only risen to prominence as other Trot groups left or got expelled.

During their ascendancy they had taken control of the Labour Party Young Socialists (LPYS), had three MP's and could organise large rallies of up to 8,000 attendees as the manged in the Albert Hall.

But they had to go and off they went, splintering over time into several groups. Even their founder, Ted Grant who had been there since the days of the post war Revolutionary Communist Party, the only time British Trotskyists had been in one organisation (more or less...) was kicked out. The RCP begat Gerry Healy Socialist Labour League/Workers Revolutionary Party, Tony Cliff (Yagel Gluckstein) International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party and Ted Grant Militant/Socialist Appeal.

Today Militant's remains are in the Socialist Party and it's tiny sister Socialist Party Scotland who combined have barely a couple of thousand members. Their electoral front, the Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition has been put on hiatus as the desperately try to gain readmission into the Labour Party. Refused thus far and banned from participating in Momentum.

The Socialist issue 1011

Momentum is the new act in town and has succeeded in making it's influence felt in enough constituencies to gain all 9 seats on the Labour Party's National Executive Committee. They are also encouraging the deselection of sitting MP's and have also been turning against sitting local councillors which brings neatly back to Liverpool.

The Liverpool Echo reports:

Two sitting Liverpool Labour councillors last night lost the right to fight to retain their seats as new party members showed the power they now hold in the local party.

Princes Park Cllr Alan Dean - a former chief whip, Lord Mayor and Deputy Council Leader - was not even short listed to contest a seat he has held for the past 18 years....

Elsewhere in the Riverside ward sitting councillor Michelle Corrigan lost her place as candidate for next year's local elections to new candidate Sarah Doyle - who is believed to have joined the party following the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader.

It was a night of drama that many now believe will be repeated across the city as the influx of new members - many of whom belong to the Corbyn-loyal Momentum group - seek to make changes to the city council...

...former Labour Councillor Richard Wenstone was unequivocal in his thoughts on some of Labour's new membership, stating: "What an appalling way to treat you Alan.

"Not even shortlisting you as their sitting councillor! The nasty, bitter and twisted Militant-inspired Momentum entryists of our Party are showing their true colours. Shame on them."

Deja  vu  Anyone?

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