Friday, 12 October 2018

Politically Incorrect Comedy with "that sketch"...

The first story I read on line this morning was in The Times (no link£) about Kent University Students Union banning a whole range of fancy dress outfits including Cowboys. They don't like sombrero's much either. It's all about cultural appropriation and stuff.

These are the same tossers who complained about a Japanese themed night club that employed white girls (the horror) to dress as "Geisher Girls.

No fun being a student these days. They might have to get on with their studies...or at least those bits of the course that doesn't "trigger" the little dears and have them running to a "safe space"...

Meanwhile The Daily Express reports that a headteacher was forced to apologise for showing the kids the Shopkeeper and the Sheikh sketch to pupils. Parents complained apparently. Not wanting to be named as humourless killjoys they told the paper this humour from the seventies is now "inappropriate" .

Not sure how many complained but it's usually the entitled lefties that are the type. I think they should be named and shamed myself but just to annoy them here is that "sketch".

(Perhaps I should post some Mind Your Language clips in the future, loved that programme and I still find it funny!)

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  1. Innocent humour no intentions of being racist at all. Well we never seen it like that growing up.Now though fun seems to be going out of the window. Sad to say.