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Stalinists for Corbyn!

New Worker - 28th September 2018

Jeremy Corbyn gets some support from surprising corners these days. I'm sure he didn't appreciate being endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan but I doubt he or his supporters will blink an ey lid to find themselves endorsed by the New Communist Party.

The NCP was founded by Sid French back in the seventies as he and his followers didn't think the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB/Morning Star) was Stalinist enough. He supported the Soviet Union but was critical of Kruschev for exposing his ideological mentors crimes. The last straw was the "social democratic" and "reformist" British Road to Socialism.

This was the time that the long gone "Euro-communist" movement appeared with a book by Santiago Carrillo promoting a break with "traditional" communist politics. This was taken up by the CPGB's theoretical journal Marxism Today which eventually found it's way into mainstream newsagents and a following of sorts. 

Meanwhile the NCP lurched back to the bad old days of Stalinism and in 1995 Andy Brooks a member of the NCP Central Committee since 1979 became the General Secretary.

Renowned for it's orientation towards the North Korean regime, the party does not stand candidates against Labour which allowed it to become an affiliate of the Labour Representation Committee (LRC) also participated in by the notorious Gerry Downing of Socialist Fight a group that developed the theory of the International Jewish Bourgeoisie and had it's journal banned by the radical bookshop Housemans after complaints about anti-Semitism.

Despite being extreme in it's support for the Palestinian cause the NCP has commemorated the holocaust making it fairly unique on the left.

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In their recent issue of the New Worker the NCP praised the Dear Leader :

LABOUR PARTY conference ended in Liverpool on Wednesday with a resounding show of support for Jeremy Corbyn and the programme that Labour will carry out if it wins the next election. Plans to partially restore the old public sector and create tens of thousands of new jobs were spelt out to delegates, who also passed a historic motion supporting Palestinian rights.

The renationalisation of the railways, mail, and energy and water utilities were endorsed, along with schemes to hand power to workers, consumers and local councils. But there was disturbing ambiguity over Brexit and the door was clearly left open for a second referendum.

Labour is ready to start work on a “radical plan to rebuild and transform our country,” Corbyn told conference, vowing to end the “greed-is-good” culture that has dominated politics and to “kick-start a green jobs revolution”.

The NCP as you may notice are anti-EU like the vast majority of the organised left outside of Labour. This may have something to do with their antiquated outlook:

A new and better world -- the world Marx and Engels predicted and a world that will surely come to pass. It is already being built in the socialist countries of today. It is being fought for in every continent and every country.

I'm not sure which countries are "socialist" these days. Cuba maybe, Venezuela (well lets try and forget that failure shall we comrades) and that leaves  err.... North Korea. 

Andy Brookes commiserates with the North Korean people as he writes:

Kim Jong Il was a leading Marxist thinker who made an important contribution to the modern communist theory as well as an astute statesman who led the Korean people through thick and thin to overcome natural disasters, imperialist blockade and diplomatic isolation.

While ensuring the DPRK’s defence against the threats and provocations of US imperialism and its lackeys, Kim Jong Il worked tirelessly to ease tension on the Korean peninsula to pave the way towards the peaceful reunification of Korea.

We are confident that the Workers Party of Korea, and the Korean people as a whole, will continue along the path charted by the first Korean communists who lit the flame of revolution on the Korean peninsula that now burns so bright in the DPR Korea.

On behalf of the Central Committee of the New Communist Party of Britain we send our heartfelt condolences to the Workers Party of Korea and the Korean people in their hour of grief.

Living in the world most isolated state deliberately cut off from the outside world and facing regular famine I'm sure the oppressed masses of North Korea will be pleased to hear that..if they were allowed. Meanwhile the country runs the world largest slave labour camp for those that dare to dissent or not defer too much.

Fortunately for us they are a tiny and mostly ageing irrelevant sect. 

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