Sunday, 7 October 2018

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The Return of Billy Bunter

Rebellion, the publishers of 2000AD have recently been purchasing the rights to old British Comics and have published collections of Von Hoffman's Invasion (from Buster  & Jet) and Misty (a girls horror comic from the seventies). Now they have purchased a huge back catalogue of British comics including one of my old favourites from the sixties the Valiant. Included is material dating back  130 years!


Included in that is that irascible greedy schoolboy Billy Bunter who started off in The Magnet in 1908 but also will be remembered from the BBC TV series which ran from 1955 to 1962 and for slightly younger readers like me in Valiant.

Bunter was just one of many school boy characters that older generations grew up with like Just William (the TV version of which introduced us to the dreadful screaming Bonnie Langford), the books of Jennings and Derbyshire, and The Clithoroe Kid on the BBC Home Service. Apparently Billy Bunter needs a makeover for the 21st century as he was a fat greedy bastard. Can't 'ave that in the age of snowflakes can we.

The revival of British comics is close to my heart and if you are interested I have a blog that covers both old and sometimes new British and American comics.

Please go to: Howie's World of Comics

Green Party Conference

Caroline Lucas 2010.jpg
Photo: By Tanoshimi

One of the smaller but more visible fringe parties are the Greens. They have one MP in Brighton, a female version of Jeremy Corbyn only more intelligent in the form of Caroline Lucas. The Greens have elected representatives in the Scottish Parliament, a couple of MEP's and a number of local councillors so are in a more leading position than many small parties.

How relevant they are these days is open to question. Once they seemed the future and were riding high nowadays not so much. With politics similar to some of the Corbynite brigade a lot of members defected to Labour, but there is a definite hard core.

The Guardian reports that:

The Greens have begun their annual conference by setting a target to become England’s third-biggest party while promising to maintain direct protests against policies such as fracking and support others who do.

Somehow I doubt that and fracking is not the issue on peoples minds. Might get them some votes in micro communities for the odd Parish Council but more than that unlikely.

The Guardian reminds us that:

The Greens are fourth by number of councillors, but have only one MP, Caroline Lucas, and still trail behind Ukip as well as the Lib Dems in the opinion polls.

And finally 

Because I haven't posted any music for a while here's a great live number from Aldious's 2018 tour. These girls rock!

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