Thursday, 11 October 2018

Opponents banned from McDonnell/Manson Meeting (Updated)

A couple of days back I reported on John McDonnell backing fellow extremists as candidates in the Labour Party. One of these was a certain Jenny Manson the anti-Zionist harridan who chairs the tiny Jewish Voice for Labour organisation which was created to support Jeremy Corbyn when the huge bulk of the Jewish Community protested at the rise of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.

In the tradition of Lord Haw Haw the JVL and it's supporters have done their best to undermine the legitimate complaints of our community even to publishing pictures of Jews in the conference hall surrounded by leftists waving Palestinian flags. Intimidation was the name of the game.

Now in line with their undemocratic methods, tickets to tonight's meeting where McDonnell will be promoting Manson all opponents have had their tickets cancelled according to emerging reports. Even worse is that Jewish News has had it's press credentials removed.

Obviously those who have tickets may well try to turn up. I would. Will they be physically prevented from entering? Is the road to the new blackshirts truly upon us?

This bodes ill for both the future of the Labour Party and shows McDonnell in a bad light if he does not act against this.


The Labour Party today rescinded the tickets of Jewish people who had booked to see John McDonnell speak to JVL founder Jenny Manson who is provocatively looking for a seat in Barnet, the borough with the highest Jewish population in the country. 

A Demo is being staged outside the venue...if you are in London and can join us then please do...strength in numbers. Details as follows..

Demo tonight 11/10 7pm with Israel flags, Clayton Crown Hotel, 152 Cricklewood Broadway


1. Any bus 4 stops from Kilburn Station (Jubilee Line). Bus going North so stop on same side as station.

2. From Golders Green: 245 or 260 or 460 Bus to Cricklewood Broadway. Then 3m walk.

3. Other buses: 16 32 189 266 226 316 332 C11

4. Parking on surrounding streets

Police aware

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