Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Trans Threats & Trans Rights

The debate over Trans vs Women's rights continues but it is getting out of hand. The removal of a poster simply giving the dictionary definition of a woman was one of the most absurd actions taken by supporters of Trans rights but far from uncommon. Recently Linda Bellos and Venice Allen were taken to court over remarks that were live streamed on the internet.

The court case is covered in depth here (and well worth taking the time to read): Linda Bellos & Venice Allan. A case to answer?

The Judge at least was not giving into more of the censorious nonsense of telling people, specifically women that they shouldn't be wearing t-shirts with the same slogan. The case will resume in November.

More disturbing was what happened to Posie Parker of Standing for Women. She posted the following statement (with attached article) to Facebook.

“Last night at about 7:30 pm I was alerted to the fact someone had set up an account in my husbands name. This included photos and videos of my children as well as personal information and where I live. 

I have made a report to the police and am awaiting an officer to make a detailed report. I have been advised to contact the police should anyone suspicious turn up at my home. I have taken steps to ensure my children’s safety on their journeys to and from school. Due to activists sharing pictures of them and naming their schools before I have already alerted their schools safeguarding teams. 

This is a frightening time for all of us, women have often had their children's safety used to silence us and keep us in line. I may remind those who seek to silence me that we all know the Emperor is quite naked and nothing can be done to pretend we see still see his robes”. My actual quote. Note how the author of this piece hates me, it oozes through this entire article."

See: Pink NewsTrans campaigners condemn personal info leak of woman behind anti-trans billboard

Finally a short discussion from Sky News is worth spending a few minutes on:

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