Monday, 1 October 2018

Editorial: Can the Tories control themselves? (plus Blog Updates)


September was a very busy month with both Labour and the Liberal Democrats holding their respective conferences.

The Corbynistas have secured their control of the party and isolated the moderates. At the same time the far-left gained revenge for the NEC adopting the IHRA statement through their display of contempt for the Jewish community with their banal flag waving stunt with many shouting "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free. A genocidal slogan if ever there was one. Another six million lives. The left just do not care.

The Liberals with their geriatric leader looked further away from power than in decades. Most of their MP's lost their seats at the last election and all Vince Cable can come up with is a plan to involve non-members in their leadership election. I wonder who had a similar wheeze.... oh Ed Milliband.

UKIP are finished, the Greens are in a mess and despite polls showing a that a new centre party would seriously be considered, the very people that should form it just don't appear to have the cajoles to do it.

So what's left for the electorate if they opt for none of the above?

The Conservatives have an opportunity to re-assert themselves if some of their sillier elements can control themselves. Today the Tory faithful will hear from a number of Ministers including the one for Brexit, the issue that scars them in the same way anti-Semitism does Labour. We'll see later this morning.


About Howie's Corner

As for me September was a really busy month with extensive coverage of both the run up Labour Party Conference, the Labour fringe and the resulting alienation of both the majority of the Jewish community and myself. Labour is not for them or me.

Over the month there were no less than 42 posts and an increase in page views from around 10,000 in August to well over 16,000 for September.  A good result for a small blog.

The top five posts were (in order:)

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There was also interest in an old post John McDonnell: The WRP Link from 2015.

Also getting hits were Anne Marie Waters Leaves the Labour Party (2013) as interest grows in her latest project, the For Britain Party and Edward Snowden and The Hollow Earth Theory

I've also been busy over at my hobby blog: Howie's World of Comics and you are welcome to join me on Facebook  where I post several times a day.

Until next month, Shalom!

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