Friday, 13 November 2015

Appeasement is not the answer to terrorism

As I sat down to write this post the news about a coordinated terrorist attack in Paris has appeared on Sky News. Shootings in restaurants, bombs near the football stadium  plus a report of a hostage situation in a Theatre where a rock concert is taking place. Terrible news given the recent Charlie Hebdoe murders.

This is happening on the same day we hear of the death of the murderer "Jihadi John" a member of the ISIS criminal gang of genocidal slavers and rapists. The number of his victims will never be known but like most other right-minded people will not shed a tear.

Yet there are those who still don't get it.

A number of appalling comments have appeared on one of the Labour Party forums tonight which indicate a very real problem. The first is from a Nads Hussain who wrote:

It's the same world we live in..that we close our eyes to the Israeli terrorists and seeing and watching and letting Israel kill innocent people for the past 80 years with questions. .... funny how no one bats an eye lid in the media....specially the BBC who won't say a bad word against the Jewish community. .... the whole of Israel is nothing but a terrorist camp.... report that fudge Paris attacks...

Clear anti-Semitism. 

The moderators of the forum have barred the individual.

As for the Jihadi John story I despair when I hear that Jeremy Corbyn thinks we should have arrested and tried this murderer in court. How he proposes to have achieved that in the middle of a major war zone which he doesn't want to intervene in in despite the mass murders committed by ISIS is beyond me.

And the left want this fool as Prime Minister?

Earlier one of his supporters on the same forum made this statement:

"Justice should be decided in a court of law not by a politician. When they take this mans rights away , whatever he has done they take all our rights away ".

HIS rights? What about those of his victims? 

I repeat for for the benefit of the comrades this is a war zone. 

ISIS cannot be reasoned with. They have to be stopped through military force. Corbyn and his supporters simply raise the white flag and will leave not just us defenceless but will stand aside and let this genocide continue.

I dread to think who the Stop the war Coalition and their co-thinkers will be writing tomorrow.

In the mean time I continue to watch with horror the deaths of so many innocents.

The time to act against these terrorists and their allies is now.


  1. Corbyn clearly stated that Jihadi John's death meant that he 'had been held to account for his crimes'. The part about being put on trial came after, and was clearly more of an expression of democratic values than an actual policy suggestion. Of course its not always realistic to catch people and put them on trial (who exactly was going to arrest him?), but if we are a country that believes in the rule of law, freedom, democracy, a fair trial, etc, then those are the values we should always try to aspire to. There are too many examples in history of supposed democratic states resorting to repressive measures and alliances with all sorts of tyrannical bastards, supposedly in the name of security. It never ends well.