Thursday, 19 November 2015

Dianne Abbot fails again

There's a new faction in the Labour Party called the Socialist Campaign for Labour Victory (well it's new to me) and they have published their political wares which includes a demand to disarm the police (the armed response units) and abolish MI5.

So the very people who have been responsible for protecting us ordinary folk from at least seven planned terrorist attacks through their intelligence work and those that would be deployed to deal with the murderers shooting up our friends family and neighbours in the event of an attack are to be abolished if these "comrades" have their way.

Amongst the signatories is a certain John McDonnell Mp and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. Apparently comrade McDonnell denied either seeing it, let alone signing it and then a picture appeared showing him holding the statement.

So much for the "new" politics. The "left" politicians simply lie about other things....

Meanwhile Diane Abbott got herself in a right old mess again on TV as the following clip shows.

Morons the lot of them.

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