Thursday, 5 November 2015

The retrogressive left......

Travelling home from work commuters in London found themselves delayed by the actions of a crowd of the "great unwashed" describing themselves as the "Million Masks March". There were nowhere near that number of course but their actions made the news as they protested about everything and nothing. 

As anarchists do, they turned to mindless violence (hence the masks) and viewers were treated to the sight of these morons wrecking a police car for no apparent reason. They call it protest. I call it mindless vandalism.

But they are not the only so-called radicals in the news today.

Over at Shiraz Socialist Paul Canning reports on the latest political atrocity committed by the misnamed Stop the War Coalition:

On Monday night the Stop The War Coalition (STWC) held a public meeting at the House of Commons – Syria: the case against military intervention.

Diane Abbott MP was the Chair. There were the usual suspects as speakers plus Tory MP Crispin Blunt, whose Foreign Affairs Select Committee had just delivered a report against any British involvement in Syria. Plus Alex Salmond and Caroline Lucas. Conspicuous by their absence as speakers were Syrians, the STWC refused to give any a platform.

A meeting about Syria without Syrians? Well there were some who tried to speak Peter Tatchell tells us that:

Some Syrian victims of Assad’s brutalities turned up anyway but were not allowed to speak. They eventually shouted out in frustration, turning the meeting into momentary chaos, as they were jeered by some of the audience and as STWC stewards tried to eject them – allegedly threatening that they’d be arrested. The police turned up soon afterwards.

Order was eventually restored.

When it came to questions from the floor, other members of the audience were asked to speak but not the Syrians.

Near the end of the meeting, I personally appealed to Diane Abbott to let the Syrians have their say but she refused and closed the meeting.

Now a public meeting is supposed to be about debate. What were Diane Abbot and the StWC afraid of.

The answer is Syrian refugees.

Those who have fled from the violence perpetrated by Assad and ISIS.

Interestingly the reason given was that these Syrians supported bombing. Didn't stop Andrew Murray from being on the platform. He supports bombing by the Russians.

Hypocrites and Charlatans.

Speaking of ISIS there has been more censorship in Universities. This time at UCL. The Islamist Student leaders banned an ex-student fighter back from fighting alongside the Kurds against ISIS from speaking to the Universities Kurdish Society.

The Tab reports that :

President of the Kurdish Society, Kavar Kurda, organised for him to come in, but was told Macer would not be given a platform to speak because “one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist”...

(Asad Khan)... said in an email: “In every conflict there are two sides, and at UCLU we want to avoid taking sides in conflicts.”

One wonders if they'll ban the Palestinian Society from organising anti-Israel meetings? Don't think so.

On that basis no one can discuss World War II! Can't take sides against the Nazi's. Heavens might upset someones "safe space" and "trigger" a need to suck their thumb in a corner.

Interestingly the chief censor Mr Khan was found to have been involved in "electoral fraud" during the student elections. Back in March The Tab reported:

Fraud allegations have been levelled against victorious candidates of this week’s Union elections, Asad Khan and Mohammad Ali.

Asad, who will serve as the £25K-a-year Activities and Events Officer, had one per cent of his first preference votes docked after an official complaint was made to the Union.

Surely he should have been disqualified?

Something is seriously wrong in our universities. 

The left has been corrupted by it's pro-Islamic agenda and has forgotten the majority of Muslims are oppressed by other Muslims.

There has never been a time when there is a greater need for a new radicalism that bases itself on secularism, human rights, free speech and reason.

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