Tuesday, 24 November 2015

No criticism of the "Dear Leader" to be allowed?

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Labours National Executive Committee is set to "ban" Labour Party members including MPs from criticising Jeremy Corbyn in a move that could see the end of all debate inside the Labour Party. At the same time attacks on his opponents by rabid "Corbynistas" continue unabated.

How did a democratic Party come to this position?

The new left around Jeremy Corbyn comes from a tradition that is traditionally opposed to the plurality of opinion which allowed the Labour Party to become a "broad church" fit for parliamentary democracy. Corbyn, despite being weak in many respects has himself been a rebel who is used to only discussing issue with those who agree with him. But beneath his "gentle" exterior a pure Stalinist lurks as seen in outbursts when he does not get his way.

His team of advisers or more accurately his commissars like Seamus Milne and Andrew Fisher belong to an anti-democratic Marxist tradition. One is a Stalinist, the other a Trotskyist who differ only in the same sense a religious fanatic might take positions based on his or hers interpretations of the holy texts might take.

Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky are false gods who have always been followed by false prophets of which Corbyn is just the latest incarnation.

His fanatical followers in a poll think he is doing a "good job", how the comrades work that out as Labour plummets in the polls with only 17% of the British public thinking they'll be "safe under his rule is beyond belief.

But then "socialism" or "communism" however one chooses to define the beliefs of the "Momentum Tendency" and their allies is akin to a religious outlook hence their continual attacks on the heretic who dare to disagree.

Fascism had its concentration camps, Stalinism had it's gulags. the Islamist fanatics simply slaughter on the spot. Extemism always comes round to this. Oh I'm not saying the Dear leader is about to imprison or slaughter his opponents but his supporter have created an intolerance that breeds hate rather than reason and represent not new politics, certainly not nicer politics but the age old policy of repressing their opponents.

Labour is reaching the point where it is becoming untenable to hold a viewpoint contrary to the leadership.

The danger which the Momentum Tendency and their deluded followers fail to see is that ordinary working class folk do not want a return to the "soviet style politics that were on offer during the age of ideologies in the 20th century.

The old left has failed but it's blinkered followers are too fundamental in their blinkered world view to recognise this and only the Tories and maybe UKIP will gain from this tomfoolery.

Will Labour need to split?


The lunatics have taken over the asylum and there may be no other solution.

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