Sunday, 1 November 2015

Hamas Cleric and TV Host Abu Funun: We Will Not Leave a Single Jew, Dead...

The true face of Hamas is seen in this genocidal rant from Hate Cleric Abu Funun. He talks about history and twists it. His so-called "prophet" was a warlord who along with his descendants conquered the lands across the Middle East and North Africa imposing Islam on the indigenous peoples who already lived there. There is no such thing as "Muslim" land anywhere except perhaps the Saudi Peninsula.

Regardless of this, history is what it is, all non-Muslims and those Muslims whose interpretations of Islam may differ from fanatics like Hamas and ISIS are under threat from men like these.

His violent interpretation of the religion of peace (sic) shows why there can be no appeasement with the Islamists.

When will the West, especially the left wake up and see the monster they support on "anti-imperialist" grounds? Their ideology is as twisted as the Islamists.

The time to fight back is now. Boycott the boycotters. 

Stand up for peace. Two peoples, two states is the only solution.

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