Saturday, 21 November 2015

At last the world agrees to act against ISIS

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The United Nations only has limited value due to the fact it reflects the make up of it's constituent members large numbers of whom are dictatorships of various types and/or corrupt beyond belief or act purely out of self0interest. However once in a while the body can act the right way and their decision to finally act against ISIS is to be welcomed.

The BBC reports:

The UN Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution to "redouble" action against Islamic State, following last week's deadly attacks in Paris.

The French-drafted document urges UN members to "take all necessary measures" in the fight against IS.

The decision of Russia and China to back resolution 2249 hopefully means that words of condemnation will finally become action against the genocidal movement known as ISIS.

Meanwhile the left continues to rail against action. The selective "Stop the War Coalition" are organising a meeting in a couple of weeks to condemn miltary action.

After the Paris Attacks: The Case against War

Speakers include washed out Trotskyist Tariq Ali (appearing by Skpe), Counterfire and StWC leader Lynsey German, Salma Yacoob former sidekick of George Galloway and Andy Murry of whats left of the old Communist Party.

Even George Galloway is supporting action, no doubt to please his "paymasters" on Russian and Iranian TV stations. Opportunistic as ever.

How the countries chief appeaser Jeremy Corbyn will react is not clear. Last I heard he was trying to stop his MP's from having a free vote over Syria. This from a man who broke ranks from his colleagues in parliament over 500 times in his career.

The left has no credibility when ti comes to our safety and security. Nor can they claim any kind of moral high ground as they fail to help those being murdered, raped and enslaves by the Islamist criminals.

The lefts pandering to Islam(ism) has corrupted what they say they stand for. It's not a surprise as much of the left spent decades defending dictatorships in Russia, China and Eastern Europe along with tin-pot dictators in the "third world". 

The left lost it's way with the coming of the mullahs counter-revolution in Iran. It has never recovered.

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