Saturday, 28 November 2015

The growth of casual anti-Semitism..on the left


One of the more worrying features of modern politics is the rise of anti-Semitism on the left through the casual acceptance of an Islamist/Palestinian agenda that ignores the use of anti-Zionism as an excuse for hatred of Jews.

One the the oft seen comments on some supposedly progressive and left-wing forums such as the unofficial Labour Party forum are references to the Rothchilds. Examples tonight included:

I switch off the MSM - it is obviously run by Zionist big wig/war mongerers whose only desire is to keep divide & conquer as the mantra...whilst bowing down to The Rothschild's banking fraternity...

Rothchild's banking family, recently joined byZac Goldsmith.

The Rothchilds of course are Jewish and part of this world wide Zionist conspiracy that neo-Nazi's and now Islamists prattle on about. Leftists now drawn into the Islamosocialist agenda repeat such platitudes without even thinking. 

But it gets worse. The following and quite offensive image was posted to the same forum tonight by someone attacking Zionist warmongers in Syria.

Not easy to read in this version but contains a Star of David in the Centre and a section is described as the Holocaust Memory section. A Labour Party member/supporter thought it was appropriate to post this and just casually dismissed claims that it was racist.

Beyond belief. You don't have to be either a Zionist or a Jew to recognise the kind of Nazi imagery that this image invokes.

And then there was Tariq Ali. In posting an article from the Times of Israel about development and sales of Gas between  Israeli and Greek Prime Ministers he wrote:

Those who do evil at home, do evil abroad and vice versa. Hope the gas isn't meant for the Palestinians.

Ali's reference to the use of gas is offensive to the real victims of the Holocaust, but in order to promote his so-called "anti-imperialist" agenda Jews don't matter. So much for the former Trotskyist leader of the International Marxist Group.

The far/hard left, however you wish to describe them are on the path to a new kind of fascism. 

First they came for the Jews...

Never again!

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  1. These comments should be completely condemned and the Labour Party should take a firm stand against such nonsense. But, is this really representative of the entire Far Left? I never heard any colleagues in the Socialist Party or Socialist Appeal spout this crap when I was a member, in fact both believe in a two state solution. You should not smear an entire (small) movement with the anti-Semitic brush.

    I have visited both Auschwitz and Dachau (I know the latter was a concentration camp for German dissidents etc BTW), and I wholeheartedly agree. Never again.