Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Human Rights Court rules against Dieudonne


The vicious anti-Semite Dieudone M'bala M'bala who masquerades as a comedian has lost his appeal to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) who have ruled that anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial are not "free expression"

The Belfast Telegraph reports:

Dieudonne, as the comic is known, ended a December 2008 show by inviting a prominent Holocaust denier on stage, then having an actor dressed to resemble a concentration camp victim offer him a prize.

He was convicted by a French court in October 2009 of hate crime charges and fined 10,000 euros (£7,000). He lost repeated appeals, until finally bringing it before the Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights.

The court noted Dieudonne's stated desire to stage "the biggest anti-Semitic meeting since the last World War" and ruled on Tuesday that the show was not a show but the expression of an ideology.

In other words a political rally. One designed to promote hate against Jews.

Nazi Swastika

This is but a small victory in the fight against the rise of anti-Semitism both in France and across Europe promoted by Islamists, "anti-imperialists" and sections of the so-called left particularly in the UK. Most will claim they are simply "anti-Zionist" whist allying themselves with genocidal terrorist groups such as Hamas in the name of "solidarity".

It is too easy to forget that fascism did not just begin on the right. Mussolini was originally a socialist whose loss to the movement was mourned by Lenin. Mosley came out of the Labour Party and the full name of the Nazi's was the National Socialist Workers Party.

The message to the world must be two words.

Never again.

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