Wednesday, 18 November 2015

TUSC candidate barred from Labour

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The former Militant Tendency now known as the Socialist Party published a rather odd piece about the exclusion of one of their former allies who stood as a candidate in the local elections last year under the banner of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition:

London bus driver and Unite branch secretary Joanne Harris has been barred membership of the LabourParty for five years.

Joanne applied to rejoin Labour after supportingJeremy Corbyn's election campaign and his committment to leading an anti-austerity party.

However, the Labour Party's 'star chamber' membership department said that because she had stood as a Trade Unionist and Socialist Coaltion candidate in 2014 against her local cuts-implementing Labour council in west London, she would be excluded until after the next general election.

Why would this surprise anyone? She stood against an official Labour Party candidate but still expects to be re-admitted.

The recent influx of hard-left activists who have spent their time attacking Labour includes members of other tiny sects such as Workers Liberty (formerly Socialist organiser) and Workers Power (now re branded as Red Flag) will attract the attention of the Labour NEC.

These people are not real Labour supporters. They are members and supporters of organisations that have a clear and separate organisation and agenda to the Labour Party.

The response of the excluded comrade is stated:

Joanne has appealed to Jeremy Corbyn to overturn the ban and support "reinstating my membership to the party as I am a loyal left supporter of Labour. As far as I am concerned I never left the party, they left me."

Loyal? Abandoned? You?

I don't think so. 

Joanne Harris chose to leave the Labour Party rather than fight for her position (whatever that is) inside Labour and joined an extremist coalition of Trotskyists opposed to not just the Labour Party but democracy itself.

Methinks "comrade" 'arris protests too much!

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