Sunday, 1 November 2015

More Trots head for Corbyn's Labour Party

Over the past few months there has been a clear move from the hard-line Marxist sects to re-orientate themselves towards the Labour Party following Jeremy Corbyn's victory. There are a number  of former members of Left Unity now making their appearance both in "Momentum" (the Corbynista "party within a party") and in Labour itself.

Not to be left out the Alliance for Workers Liberty (publishers of the Solidarity newspaper) wound up their electoral front and" entered" Labour. However some members of the AWL have already faced expulsion or exclusion from Labour since their predecessor "organisation" Socialist Organiser was proscribed by the party in 1990.

Even the corbynistas have been moved to try and prevent the Socialist Workers Party from using their Momentum meetings as a platform for the SWP to recruit to it's sectarian little cult.

Now yet another Trot group has decided it's time to get in on the act. In an article (that now seems absent from their website but brought to my attention by Andrew Coates on his blog Workers Power announce:

"Workers Power supports key elements of Jeremy Corbyn’s programme. We believe all socialists should join the Labour Party, defend and promote Jeremy’s progressive demands, and work to extend and deepen these policies in a revolutionary socialist direction.

We will be working collectively in the Labour Party, hand in hand with others, to advance that cause."

In other words they are "entering" Labour "en-mass" if you can call a tiny group of no more than thirty people a "mass".  It seems they suddenly realised that making their intentions public when Workers Power is (regardless of size) a distinct and separate organisation to the Labour party was probably not the wisest move. But Workers Power are a very odd little group.

The Trotskyist movement has been split asunder since the dawn of Trotskyism itself. Trotsky's attempt to launch a "Fourth International" led to an accumulation of several bodies describing themselves as the Fourth International.

Enter the Fifth International.

Or one of them. Workers Power decided along with it's international co-thinkers to move on from the Fourth to the declaring the Fifth International. Problem is (as is always the case with Trotskyists) they have had a split already so there are two "Fifth" Internationals ., Both tiny, but in competition with each other for the non-existent support of the "international proletariat" as they see us workers.

Why? No idea. Lose the will to live reading their material. Boring Marxist navel gazing almost at it's worst. Only the Sparts and remaining Maoists  are barmier and more tedious.


It seems that very soon entry to Labour Party meetings will be met with hordes of wild eyed newspaper sellers just like back in the seventies and eighties.

Militant anyone? 

It seems that the "new politics" we are promised by the Corbyn dominated left will be the same kind of old tosh that kept Labour out of power for years and allowed Thatcher to run rampant.

But that doesn't matter to these types. getting the "line" right is all that matters.

Meanwhile the battle to win back voters is being lost.

Only the Tories "own goal" over tax credits has undermined them while Corbyn and his unruly rabble might just not exist for all the use they are.

 More Trots? That'll do nicely Jeremy. Not.

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