Sunday, 15 November 2015

The other victims of ISIS

Photo: by Jiel Beaumadier - Own work. Licensed under CC

Social media has been full of sympathy and support for the victims of Paris and quite rightly so but far too often there are victims of ISIS that still go on being ignored, in particular by the non-interventionist left and so called "peace" movements in this country.

I read with horror some of the comments made by supposedly "left-wing" activists on both the Labour Party Forum and (unsurprisingly) the selective Stop the West War Coalition of fifth columnists and appeasers.

Some are just plain naive take Lucy from Labour:

"if we bomb syria, isis will bomb london. the only way to defeat isis is to stop international relations with the middle eastern states (e.g. saudi arabia, UAE) who actively fund ISIS. cut off their funding, and they will stop" 

Whilst I can understand some not so worldly-wise people having such an outlook it does not explain the comments made by Hilary Benn reported in the Independent:

Labour’s opposition to any British involvement in military action against Islamic State (Isis) in Syria has intensified, despite the massacre in Paris.

Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn said the co-ordinated attacks on the French capital, which left at least 127 dead, were an “act of war” – but all but ruled out backing UK air strikes in response.

Meanwhile as our politicians prevaricate and the appeasers raise the white flag there are those who continue to suffer at the hands of ISIS. The Tribune reports the discovery of a mass grave of Yizadi women:

The grave contains the bodies of some 78 women aged between 40 to around 80, according to younger women who had been enslaved by IS, witnessed the executions and later escaped, said Miyasir Hajji, a Sinjar council member.

“It seems the (IS) terrorist members only wanted young girls to enslave,” Hajji said, a reference to militants using women as sex slaves who can be bought and sold.

Mahma Khalil, the local official responsible for the Sinjar area, confirmed that the grave had been found, and said it is believed to contain some 80 victims.

This discovery is only the tip of the iceberg of known and unknown atrocities committed by this gang of criminals. 

Yazadi men, Kurds, Christians and Muslims that do not subscribe to the brutality of ISIS are all victims of this Islamist inspired Holocaust.

Benn is right about one thing. Bombing will not defeat ISIS alone. It has to be troops on the ground from around the world. The West has hesitated too long and shied away from the necessary action to defeat what can only be described as the rise of the new Nazis.

The majority of the left in has ignored their plight, as it does not serve their nefarious ideological purposes.

The French have realised they now at war.  And so are we all against this new evil in our midst. 

ISIS, Boko Harem and their ilk must be fought.

Our liberty and that of others depends on our will to stand up and be counted.

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