Saturday, 7 November 2015

Workers Power reconstitute themselves as "Red Flag"

The Red Flag

The rite of passage into the Labour Party by Trotskyist groups usually does necessarily warrant a name change as they might be a wee to obvious selling their old rag and describing themselves as supporters of an organisation that was and still is a separate and distinct organisation.

Worker Power are the latest group to try these wheeze and have reconstituted themselves inside Labour as the "Red Flag", "Labour's revolutionary socialist voice". According to their new website:

Jeremy Corbyn’s landslide victory opens a new period in British politics. A new mass socialist movement is born, bringing hundreds of thousands into political life. This movement can transform Labour and transform Britain, as long as it adopts consistent socialist policies and fights for a thoroughgoing socialist transformation of society.

Red Flag is a revolutionary socialist initiative campaigning in the Labour Party, in the trade unions and among young people for:.....(amongst other things)

a social revolution, a Socialist Republic of Britain and a socialist world.


No mention of the Fifth International though...oh wait, the games mentioned in their "International" Journal:

........... with the recent experience of the Syriza left government in Greece and its miserable capitulation in mind, it is vital that revolutionaries in the Labour Party organise and fight for their ideas openly so that the members are prepared for the tremendous crisis that will develop if the Labour Party, under Corbyn’s policies, looks as if it will win the next general election. They will have to develop a “straight talking” debate on the question posed by Rosa Luxemburg over a century ago, Reform or Revolution?

Hardly openly if they've changed their name. Devious entryist tactics as previously practised by Militant and Socialist Organiser.

Expect a new newspaper soon.

Oh and joining them will be part of the Socialist Party's now obviously falling apart Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition. The Independent Socialist Network is also entering the Labour Party. The ISN is not to be confused with the International Socialist Network who fell apart over a row about "race play" and is now clearly defunct.

So many competing groups all vying for the leadership of the working class. So much for Corbyn's "new politics". Sounds like the same old crap to this observer.

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