Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Corbyn fails us all

The satirical website Newsthump probably thought they were just taking the piss out of Jeremy Corbyn when they wrote:

Terrorists should be sent to sit on the naughty step and given a stern talking to to stop them doing all that terroristing, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has insisted.

In what is being seen as his strongest message so far, Corbyn clearly stated that terrorists should be sent to bed without any dinner unless they agree to stop all that tomfoolery this instant.

Encouraging his supporters to ‘hug a jihadi’, in interview Corbyn declined to agree that measures above harsh language should be deployed against a nutter with a machine gun as doing so ‘sent the wrong message’.

Trouble is they are not that far off the truth.

Corbyn just does not have a clue about the reality of the world about him. 

His statements on the death of mass-murderer Jihadi John and the need to bring him to trial were naive enough but to fail to understand the necessity of the "shoot to kill" policy for Islamist (and other) terrorists is frankly unbelievable.

Only through pressure has Corbyn supposedly "modified" his views about dealing with criminals running around the streets shooting innocents. 

What would the man be like in power.

This dithering fool is incapable of taking action.

That more than anything else would put peoples lives and our national security at risk.

Steptoe is not fit for government.

The reason.

It's more than just ideology. He's spent his whole life as a professional protester who has never had to take responsibility for anything. 

Even now he can't make the transition.

Corbyn is unelectable.

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