Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Wear a Red Poppy with pride!

November is the time of year that we as a nation remember those who fought and died to keep our country free. The Royal British Legion sell the Red Poppy to raise funds for those veterans who survive and sometimes need our help. Every year som 30 million are produced by volounteers for this purpose.

Like many others I will be wearing my Red Poppy with pride.

However there are those who always try to detract from this remembrance for twisted ideological reasons like Marxist Lyndsey German of the pro-Russian, pro-Iranian so called Stop the War Coalition. She is joined by appeasers such as the totally biased Robert Fisk and the deluded leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn is one of those who would prefer to sport the "White Poppy" of the appeasers from the thirties who would have left us defenceless against the rise of Hitler and the Nazi's.

The Stop the War Campaign is the modern equivilant of the Peace Pledge Union who marched alongside the British Union of Fascists in favour of appeasement. Instead of selling out to Germany the modern activists support the worlds dictators against the free world.

Leading StWC figures such as John Rees appear on the Islamist TV station "Press TV" run by the clerical fascists of the Iranian Government. The StWC backs Assad and published articles welcoming Russian intervention in Syria whilst opposing military aid to the democratic Syrian forces or the most effective anti-ISIS forces of the Kurds.

The white poppy is for appeasers and should be treated with contempt.

Wear your Red Poppy with Pride.

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