Sunday, 8 November 2015

Stop the War and Diane Abbot's hypocrisy knows no bounds

The appearance of "comrade" Abbot on TV yesterday (see post below) exposed the nature of the anti-imperialist left and in has led to the Stop the War Coalition crying "foul" because they finally got caught out. The

The last few days have seen a series of venomous or abusive attacks on Stop the War in The Guardian, the Daily Telegraph and the BBC. The worst of these, in the sense of being the most mendacious, was on Andrew Neil’s BBC Daily Politics show.

Neil used the organised disruption of Stop the War’s otherwise successful meeting in parliament on November 2, which brought together MPs from nearly all parties in opposition to bombing Syria, as a pretext to smear StWC..

Successful meeting? Who are they trying to kid. We all saw protests from SYRIANS about not only the politics of the event but the way it was handled. Banned from speaking, the Syrians did indeed protest in much the same way that Lyndsey German has done in the past when in the Socialist Workers Party. These anti-imperialist just were not prepared to listen to the actual people who have fled not ISIS in the main but the barrel bombs of the Syrian air force.

Assad is responsible for seven times the number of deaths ISIS is. Not that the comrades care. Where were the Stop the War demonstrations outside the Syrian Embassy.


The StWC also published articles supporting Russian intervention which included Russian bombing but have half heartedly tried to back track as Russian bombs cause as much (if not more) collateral (civilian deaths) damage than the allies.


All the comrades had to do was listen. Now it's all a witch-hunt now their true face has been exposed.

They do have some supporters. The vile John Wight over at Socialist Unity writes:

...STW find themselves under attack from voices accusing it of failing to take a stand against Assad and the Syrian government. A recent STW public meeting on Syria, held in the House of Commons, was loudly interrupted from the floor by Syrians opposed to Assad, and by Peter Tatchell, in what Stop the War describes on its website as an “organised disruption”. Afterwards, Tatchell shared his account of the experience on social media, accusing STW of refusing to allow those Syrians the right to speak, a claim the organisers of the meeting deny, before going on to denounce the organisation in withering terms.

Unlike the StWC Commissar Wight has always been openly pro-Assad and considers that Human Rights campaigner Peter Tatchell:

...on the other hand is a classic example of the Western liberal whose conception of the world is akin to that of a child let loose with crayons on a blank sheet of paper, allowing said crayons to go wherever they please with no thought of the mess being made or lack of coherence being wrought.

Worse, he and his co-thinkers continue their slavish attachment to the wondrous virtues of ‘humanitarian intervention’..


Right-wing to the core methinks. 

The Stop the War cronies and John Wight of Socialist Unity are not progressive at all. Not in any shape or form.

Neither it would seem is Diane Abbot the "socialist" MP who according to The Sunday Times today has been charging up to £5,000 a time for "speaking fees". Not sure who would really want to listen to her but now it's news she's apparently withdrawn from the agency that provides speakers.

It seems that so many of today's "wadicals" are not so radical after all.

No wonder students want to hide in safe spaces....

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